Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Lys Correa

In some new videos, the Colombian stunner Lys Correa bounces and shakes her huge watermelons – keeping us drooling and wanting more. Fans love Lys because she’s always playing around with her boobs and letting us watch!

Bosom Bounce

Lys is standing by the ocean and we can see her standing in front of the camera showing her front side. We can’t see her face, but we can see her large chest exposed in a sexy leopard bikini. Just as we’re staring at her round bosoms she jumps in front of the camera – sending her boobs flying – letting us see a nice bosom bounce. She times the video to sync up with the Windows classic startup sound.  


In this video, Lys is using a filter that gives her stunning light eyes and colorful hair. She’s wearing a white top and isn’t using a bra. With suspenseful music in the background, she looks down into the camera and then squeezes her boobs together with her forearms until the music pops and she releases her ta-tas so they fly back out. We see her nipples outlined and the natural flow of her chest. 

Shower Sideboobs

With her back facing the camera, Lys is in a bathroom wearing pink tights and a black bra. With her hands up over her head she moves back and forth to the music. Since her boobs are so big though, as she moves her side boobs peek out. The video is naughty and cheeky and it leaves us wanting more!