Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Lys Correa

Colombian model Lys Correa has a big fan following of people who love to watch her shake around. Whether she’s shaking up top or shaking down below, she’s always moving to the rhythm. Check her out:

Good Morning!

Lys Correa

Lys starts her day off by taking a sexy picture in her bright pink lingerie. She smiles at the camera while holding the lace top up off her chest. The bottoms are pink but the strap is leopard print with a black bow on them. In the post she talks about how she wants to be the one to make our days. 

Morning Shakes

It looks like Lys just got out of bed as she stands beside it in her heart nightgown. With her booty facing us she starts the day off with a nice booty shake. She then starts to undress, taking off her top but she continues to shake. 

Bouncing With Friends 

Lys has her booty facing us and stands beside a friend. Both girls are in their undies! Lys in black lace panties and her friend is in a cotton Calvin Klein thong. With their hands up over their heads, they shake their chests back and forth before slowly bringing their hands to their knees and then booty poppin’ in unison.