Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Not your typical dancing-singing TikToker and known only as “Madi“, she talks about real stuff that’s going on and is pretty relatable and comical. She never wears a bra and has the cutest southern accent, and is active on all the socials (OnlyFans, Fansly, TikTok, Instagram and Cameo). Let’s check out some of her latest uploads: 

Face ID Chat

Madi is lounging on a chair, eating a cashew and talking to her fans about how annoying it is that Apple’s Face ID doesn’t always remember your face. She’s wearing an orange-gold top and her mighty muffins are almost squeezing out of them! She’s showing a lot of cleavage and we can see the outline of her nipple peeking out. The funniest part of the video is when she says ‘Bitch – I look at  you all damn day – you damn well know who I am!’ She makes a very relatable point.  

French Braid Nipples

Wearing a very sexy (and see-through) white pajama top, Madi faces the camera and is talking to her fans about french braiding her hair at night. While she tells us that french braiding is harder than she thought it would be, we’re peeking at her puppies because she’s not wearing a bra and we can see the outline of her nips! She shows off her braids by spinning around which also gives us fans a good look at her boobs in action (oh and of course her french braids).

Cleavage Peek 

Madi’s outside walking her dog in a small yellow tank top and short shorts. She looks fabulously done-up with soft pink lips and luscious locks. She’s got the camera angled a bit above her, which gives us a view of her knockers. They are round, big and really in our face as she talks about how nice the weather is.