Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Malelly is showing off her toned body, tattoos and peachy bum in a series of new TikTok videos. With half a million followers, she’s got us hooked with her revealing clips. Let’s check them out:

Sexy Spirals 

Malelly’s in her bedroom wearing shiny teal bikini bottoms and a navy blue bikini top. She smiles wide at us while she sensually sways her hips back and forth. We can see her arm and leg sleeve tattoos along with her large tat that’s above her cha-cha but below her belly button. She sways until her rear is facing us – letting us check out her peachy cheeks she then perks up before sending her tushie in sexy spirals. 

Lace Panties 

With her hair half up, Malelly is bent over so we can see down her blue tank top. She bites her lip and nods before standing up and holding her small coconuts and doing a little dance. We love her black lace panties and the fact that she’s braless so we can see her incredible ta-tas! Of course, she turns around for us showing off the back of her lace undies which are incredibly sexy as they ride up her crack and frame her caboose. 

Rear View 

Standing outside with her booty facing us – Malelly’s wearing a loose green t-shirt with a black thong. The thong goes right up her crack, exposing her large, luscious buns. She gladly lifts her top up a bit for us so we can see even more before glancing back.