Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

In some new videos, Malelly dances around and shows off her new long hair while also stretching out into dancer’s pose. Let’s check her out:

New Hair

In this video Malelly is wearing black bikini bottoms, and a dark blue bikini top. The top has a string wrapped around the bottom of her chest. In the video we can see all her tattoos. She grabs her hair in her hands to show off her new extensions! Lookin’ sexy!

Bikinis And Bananas

Malelly is wearing a a small, white bikini that flatters her petite figure. The video starts off with her in front of the camera lip-syncing before she backs up to show off her swimsuit. While she twirls and dances around, we notice the neon banana light hanging on the wall. 

Dancer’s Pose

Malelly shows off one of her favorite yoga moves: Dancer’s Pose. Wearing a black tank top and black undies she’s in a door frame, facing away from the camera. She holds onto the wall with one hand and pulls one foot backwards with her other hand. She then stretches forward. We can see her legs and glutes as they work hard to stay in the pose.