Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

In some new TikTok videos, Malelly practices some yoga poses (extended hand-to-big-toe pose and dancer’s pose) before dancing around for fans. What’s your favorite clip? 

Morning Stretch

Wearing bright blue underwear and a casual tank top, Malelly brings one knee up – stretching it in front of her. She then impressively grabs her foot and lifts it up – extending it out to the side of her. She smiles and we love that we can see her full sleeve arm tattoo on one arm and a few thinner tattoos on her other arm.  

Dancer’s Pose

Hanging out in black bottoms and a beige crop top turtleneck, Malelly turns around and pulls back one knee and then grabs her foot to extend it out. She’s in a dancer’s pose and we can get a good look at all of her arm and leg tattoos. 

Booty Boppin’

Wearing the same turtleneck as the previous video, Malelly’s also in grey track pants with her black thong poking out of them. She plays with her hair before turning around and booty poppin’ to the beats. She knows how to dance and isn’t shy!