Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

While Malelly is always sharing new TikTok videos where she’s dancing around her bedroom or trying on cute bikinis, in a new post we find her studying on her bed. Let’s check it out: 


Lying on her stomach – but propped up on her elbows – Malelly has her laptop open and is studying. She’s got a skirt on but since she’s lying down we can see her entire cheeks and thong. We hope she gets some good marks for all her effort.

Freckles & Shakes 

In her bedroom, wearing a green skirt and a black crop top with white edges, Malelly has a filter on, so it looks like she has tons of freckles. She looks super sweet and her skirt rides up very high so we can enjoy all her tattoos as she lip-syncs and dances around. 

Yoga Time 

Wearing black undies and a beige top, Malelly is sitting on her yoga mat with her legs open and her feet on the ground in front of her. She leans back on her booty so her legs go in the air and then she grabs her feet for a deeper stretch. She smirks and sticks her tongue out and we can see all her muscles at work.