Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Malelly is one of the sexiest influencers we’ve ever laid eyes on. In some new posts, she’s modeling a new pink bikini that gives us a glimpse of her entire body. You’ll see her outside, at the pool and hanging in her bedroom. Check her out:  

Pink Bikini Bits 

Leaning back on a patio chair, Malelly’s in a pink bikini, enjoying the warmth. The camera is shooting upwards and Michaela’s got her legs open, giving us a peek at her crotch and her large leg tattoo. In the video, she leans back and adjusts her bikini bottom before pulling her hair back and looking up at the sky. MMMMM Yummy 

In a series of short clips, Malelly models and adjusts her small pink bikini. In the first clip, she faces the camera so we get to see her stunningly fit body with her perky boobs, flat stomach and strong thighs. The second clip is a close-up of her face with her eyes closed as she says ‘mmmm.’ In the third clip she’s facing away from the camera so we can see her peachy butt. 

Booty Pops

Dancing alone in her bedroom, Malelly is in a pink bikini as she sways back and forth smiling at the camera. The clip then jumps to a shot of her from behind while her booty pops to the music. Next, we see her on a bed flirtatiously looking at us before she starts to twerk. She’s in a playful mood and we love her for it!