Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

With more than 2.5M likes on TikTok, fan-favorite Malelly shows off her booty-shaking skills in a series of TikTok videos. The videos are all taken at home and give us a little insight into her morning routine. 

Cheeks Cheeks Cheeks 

With her bum facing the camera, Malelly smiles back while she wiggles her booty. Her one-piece dinosaur pajamas are high cut and her cheeks are falling out of them. After her initial sexy wiggle, she bends forward so that her bum is taking up the entire screen and then she starts to twerk – giving fans an epic view of her toned booty. 

Nice Tan Lines 

In a blue string bikini – that leaves nothing to the imagination – Malelly sticks her tongue out and starts dancing. She has some serious bikini tan lines that make us wish we were at the beach with her. Before the clip ends, Malelly turns around and shakes her booty from side to side giving us an amazing view of her behind. Hubba hubba.

Pot Panties

Wearing pot panties that show her cheeks and a white tank top, Malelly starts the video by jumping up on her bed. She then starts shaking her booty left to right. We can only hope that Malelly starts off every morning shaking like this!