Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Brazilian babe Malelly has some new posts where she shows off her caboose while hanging around the house – everything from pulling her blinds down to putting her pants on and practicing yoga. Let’s check her out:

Pulling Down The Blinds 

Wearing nothing but a tank top and turquoise thong, Malelly shows off her toned tushie as she struggles to close her bedroom blinds. She pulls at the strings but nothing happens. She eventually looks at the camera slightly smiling in frustration. 

Malelly Struggles To Put Pants On 

Wearing a beige top, Malelly faces us and is trying to pull up her tights. We can see her dark blue lace underwear as she moves up and down trying to fit into them. The clip then jumps to her from behind as we see her again trying to wiggle into them. She’s got a surprised look on her face but eventually they slip up over her booty. 

Full Body Stretch

Wearing a beige thong and a dark blue bathing suit, Malelly follows a popular TikTok trend where she stretches her arms up and then turns around. She then keeps her legs straight as she bends down to touch her feet – giving her back a deep stretch and us a complete view.