Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mandy Sacs

Amanda Rose Saccomanno, better known as Mandy Rose, is a former WWE NXT Women’s champ and WBFF Bikini World Champion ’14. She loves to show off her thick, strong body and is always sharing bikini photos and workout inspo. Let’s check her out!

Thick Thighs

Mandy Sacs

Wearing a peach colored string bikini Mandy is posing outside with her knees slightly bent in. She looks oiled up as she sensually looks at the camera with her mouth parted. She looks like she’s ready to pounce and captions the photo ‘the thicker the thighs, the sweeter the prize.’

Short Shorts

Wearing jean shorts that fit her like a thong and a white crop top, Mandy has small green sunglasses on that she tastefully takes off. She then she brushes her hair to one side and bats her eyes at us, as the camera pulls out to give us a full view of her scrumptious curves. The video plays to slow music and is slightly slowed down.

Workout Gains

Wearing tights and a white halter top, Mandy is at the gym. The video starts off with her shaking her booty side to side before laughing. She then starts to squat with dumbbells while also balancing one leg on a workout band. We can see all her muscles working hard and her strength is admirable. The video continues showing her workout her entire body – very delicious!