Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mari Ladeira

Mari Ladeira has been posting a lot of her TikTok account as of late, and we’re here for it all! Check out these new videos share below and let us know what you think. 

Mountains And A Gorgeous One-Piece 

Here we see Mari Ladeira in a vibrant red one-piece twirling around in the outdoors. Her suit has a very unique cut up both side and a tiny belt running across her middle. This gives fans a great view of her tattoos and toned waist. 

@mmladtyahap #CapCut ♬ som original – mmladeir

Front Seat Crotch Shot 

Mari is at it again with her signature crotch shots! In this video we see her sitting in the driver’s seat of her car. We get a quick peek at her light blue thong before she hops out and adjusts her lavender mini skirt. She turns around and puts her hands on the vehicle like she’s about to be searched by police. There’s no frisking in this video though! Just a few pops of the booty! 

@mmladtyahap♬ sonido original – ENGㅤCHERYㅤX3

Purrrfect Views 

In this clip we see Mari with a friend. Well, actually three friends – two of which are furry! Like we see in a lot of Mari’s videos, this one features cats. Mari is popping a squat in her periwinkle bikini while petting one of her feline friends that is laying in a chair. Her other human friend is holding another kitty and dances in the background. 

@mmladtyahap♬ O Neném Não É Neném – MC MENOR HR & DJ Cayoo

Bubble Butts 

Mari Ladeira and her friend are having fun in the tub in this social share! Both girls are in their thong bikinis with their butts covered in bubbles. Their backs are to the camera, which gives her audience a delightful view of their long blonde hair and sudsy rear ends! They wiggle their backsides in unison for a few moments before doing a little jump at the end.

@mmladtyahap♬ Parece Até um Marshmallow de Tão Pesado Que É – Dj Luh Souza