Sun. May 28th, 2023
Mary Burke

Mary Burke has some new workout videos where she’s working her arms, core and legs. You’ll love her slow movement and encouraging words, let’s check out her latest stretches: 

Post Workout Stretch

Mary is on her knees on her yoga mat as she breathes in and out while stretching her arms up over her head. She then stretches her shoulders in circles before she tells us she’s got some visitors, she’s referring to the helicopter that we can hear outside. She says they’ll land on her helipad and then laughs saying she’s just joking, before telling us to tune in tomorrow for more intense exercises!

Weight Workout

Wearing a bright blue camisole top and bright blue lace panties, Mary is lifting weights with her own sensual voiceover that tells us to isolate that bicep, keep our elbows in and to go slow up and slow down. 

Candlestick To Table Top

Lying on her back on her yoga mat, Mary tells us to move from candlestick to table top. She repeatedly does the exercise, working her abs and telling us how many more we have left to do. Suddenly her little doggie runs in to greet her with a toy! She happily says hi to her dog before the clip ends.