Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Mary Burke

Mary Burke is an OnlyFans star who claims she works hard but plays even harder. She’s got a dedicated fan base who love to see her working around her yard in skimpy outfits. Her videos are a mix of sexy and funny so they’re sure to lighten your day. 

You Don’t See This Every Day

Wearing nothing but a pink bikini, the video starts with Mary bent over, giving us a clear shot of her booty while she tries to pull open a dumpster door. She’s wearing hiking boots with socks and she’s giving it a lot of effort. The entire time we get to see the same angled shot of her tushie as she pulls. She captions the video ‘you don’t see this every day’ and we’ve got to agree with her there. 

Wrapping Pipes With Side Boob Peak 

Here, Mary is bent down, wearing Jean overalls with nothing on underneath them. It’s night time and she’s got a flashlight inspecting some pipes. After a few seconds, she pops up and then tells her fans she doesn’t have to wrap any pipes but that there’s a lot of work to be done.

Well she might look like your friend’s mom, the only difference is her massive naked tits that are peeking out of the side of her overalls! She’s showing off some intense side boob.

Practices Getting Arrested 

Mary Burke

Mary has her hands on the wall and her legs spread wide open. She captions the post ‘I’m just practicing in case I ever get arrested. Be prepared!’ She’s wearing sexy fishnet stockings, a plaid shirt and a black top. She’s assuming the position and looks great doing it – let’s just hope she never gets arrested.