Sun. May 28th, 2023
Sophie Swaney

Sophie Swaney has over 7M likes on her Tiktok videos and draws fans in with her funny commentary, large guns and love for the great outdoors. 

Leg Day 

Sophie starts the video twerking in tie-dye tights and an oversized t-shirt. Her voiceover says ‘leg day b*tches,’ and then she hilariously comments on herself getting ready to work out – making digs at how high her tights need to be and teasing her fans when she turns to take off her top. She videos herself heading to the gym, and her entire commentary is joke after joke! She does film herself doing leg workouts – with massive weights – before she comes home and checks on all her animals. Seems like a fun and productive morning!

Farm Mommy

The video starts off with Sophie in the mirror busting out of her sports bra and wearing cute track pants. She tells us it’s time to go take care of all ten animals. She then lets the dogs out, takes us on an adventure to feed the cats and ends on the horses. She has quite the morning routine, but she makes light of it throughout the clip. 

Cropped Brown Jacket

Hanging out in her kitchen, Sophie’s got on a white sports bra that really pushes and squeezes her girls up – with a fuzzy jacket and tights. She holds up a package and tells us that she’s got one of the most exciting purchases she’s ever made to share with us. She pulls out a brown cropped Carhartt jacket and screams! She goes crazy over it as she gives us all the details. She tries it on for us and it looks fab. She also bought the same one in pink and models that too. What we love most though, is one of the comments that says ‘okay, but can we get your workout routine?’ and we agree because she looks sharp!