Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova has a whopping 11.3 million IG followers who love to watch her prancing around and dancing dirty with friends. In some new uploads we find her being playful with some girlfriends and posing in a sexy bikini. Check her out:

There’s The Door 

In this new funny sketch, Mia is seen hanging out with a friend. Both girls have shorts and sport bras on that show off their luscious curves and perky assets. The text over the video reads ‘when someone’s mean to the blonde girls at the party.’ Mia’s friend then lip syncs to the audio ‘you can pack your things and leave. There’s the door,’ and points to the door. Mia then lip syncs to another voice that shouts ‘there’s the door b!’ But points in the opposite direction. Her friend then moves her arm aggressively to point in the right direction. Blondes! 

Gold Goddess

Mia Malkova

In a bronze bathing suit, Mia poses in a living room with her hand on a table. She’s wearing a small matching wrap that sits below her bikini line. Her head is tilted as she smiles at us. She looks playful and captions the photo ‘me or Iphone 14?’ We don’t have to tell you what the comments say!

Club Nights 

Hanging out with a friend, Mia’s in a club wearing a long gold dress that has slits all up the side of it. Her friend’s wearing a tight black dress. The girls pose and lean in to each other as they lock eyes and look like they might even kiss. Mia captions the photo ‘Do we stay on your mind?’ which match the lyrics of the song playing in the background.