Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Mila Sobolov is back with more sexy content! She’s been quite busy on TikTok lately and we can’t wait to share her new posts with you! Be sure to check out all of her accounts if you’re a super fan.

Mila Sobolov’s Fans Are Dying For A Preview Replying to @gorssst ♬ Gyal You a Party Animal – Sped Up – Charly Black

Mila’s fans keep asking for a preview, so she’s addressing her audience with this video! In the tiniest crop top, she asks what it is that people would like a preview of. Here is what they had to say in the comments:

New 2023 LEGO sets?”

“Bubble gum pink preview”

“Of the next John Wick movie, obviously 😤”

“preview of your yoga outfit and your favorite stretches”

“oh come on you know exactly what people are asking gorgeous”

Mila Sobolov As Princess Leia Replying to @willie5462 ♬ original sound – 🇯🇲NERUKESSA🏳️‍🌈

Mila starts off this video in a silky blue robe, but then quickly transitions into a stunning Princess Leia costume! The only thing that could make this better is if she was sporting those classic Star Wars buns in her hair. This outfit perfectly displays her long, lean physique. She is the princess we’re looking for!

Mila Shows Off Her Millennium Falcon! Replying to @Andrew B ♬ Gyal You a Party Animal – Sped Up – Charly Black

In a previous video, one of her fans said they wanted a preview of the new 2023 LEGO sets, lol. Mila doesn’t work at LEGO, but she is a LEGO fan! In this video, still dressed as Princess Leia, she shows us her pride and joy: her gigantic Millennium Falcon LEGO Set! We’re so jealous!!!

Mila Takes A ‘Strange’ Shower Replying to @eplank22 ♬ 可愛くてごめん (feat. かぴ) – HoneyWorks

Here we see Mila Sobolov in a super cute Strangers Things t-shirt. This funny video share is also related to her fans asking for previews. In this one a fan asked for a preview of her in the shower. She quickly offers up a preview of just that but says, “Okay…but I’m keeping my shirt on!” In the next frame we see Mila in the shower with her shirt on, but it’s still hella sexy! She’s spraying her chest with water, bouncing up and down, and giggling her butt off, lol. Mila never disappoints!

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