Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Mila Sobolov

Mila Sobolov hopped onto her TikTok account yesterday to share a personal problem involving her pipes. Check out her hilarious commentary below! She’s looking for suggestions…

Mila’s Dirty Pipes

Oh, Mila…LOL. Here we see Mila in her sexy blue robe standing in the kitchen. She’s about to get personal with fans in this video talking about her “dirty pipes.” She says that she needs help! Apparently her pipes were dirty, so the plumber came by. However, Mila’s concern is that her pipes were dirtier after the plumber came…She just really needs her pipes cleaned, properly!

Mila, What Are Those Stains?

In this Instagram clip Mila has folded herself into quite the pretzel! With her booty sky high, her arms and legs  intertwine as she smiles from the floor. She captioned the video with, “They’re loob stains before anyone asks” I don’t know if we would even have noticed if she didn’t say something…Mila has zero filter and we love it!

Mila’s In The Middle Of A Shoot

In this last video Mila takes a moment out of her work day to agree with her fan that yes, Twitter is in fact better than TikTok. A cameraman can be seen in the reflection of the oven setting up cameras. Twitter is much more…lenient when it comes to naughty content, which is why Mila loves it so much! She jokingly says at the end of the clip to keep her Twitter account a secret, but YEAH RIGHT! That’s too good to keep to ourselves, Mila!