Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Mila Sobolov

Mila Sobolov replies to her fans in a series of TikTok videos that have us gushing. From bouncing around in a white top to showing off her red bra, you don’t want to miss her cute and sassy updates. 

Where Do You Feel A Sensation 

Wearing a pink skirt and a tight T-shirt that she’s bursting out of, Mila responds to a fan’s comment on what platform they can find her on. Since she can’t say the platform’s name on TikTok (or she’ll be banned) so she decides to describe it. 

To start, she slides off her pink thong and then uses it as a hair tie. Then she says she’s gonna play a song and you have to think of where you feel a sensation in your body. So, she plays the song and jiggles up and down like she’s riding something – very sexy. She also sticks her tongue out. Then she giggles and asks her fans if they know what website she’s talking about. We’ve got an idea! 

Is 34 cm too big?

Responding to another fan, who asked her to try 34 cm, Mila pulls out a tape measurer and adjusts it to 34 cm. She’s wearing a white tank top that shows off her small waist and round melons. Once she’s got the tape measurer set to 34 cm she rolls her eyes and says “I won’t actually.” She laughs and then holds the tape measure above her crotch, and it shockingly almost reaches her breasts. It’s too big for Mila!

Tight, Pink, Filled 

Wearing pigtails and a white tank top with a red lace bra peeking out of it, Mila looks like a sexy school girl when telling fans how to find her on Google. She jumps up and down and then says to just google her name and add ‘tight, pink, filled’ to it. We followed her instructions and let’s just say wow.