Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Aisu Itana

Aisu Itana is a Ukrainian model who has two very large, very natural girls. While most of her videos are focused on just that – her massive boobs – she’s also plain drop-dead gorgeous and stunning to watch. Let’s check out her latest TikTok videos: 

Smacks And Licks

Standing in what looks like her bedroom, Aisu’s wearing a white and beige tank top that loosely ties up the front. She’s got her hair pulled back in a bun and her mouth is open as she erotically looks at the camera and hops up and down so her ta-tas jiggle. There’s a smacking noise that sounds sexual and Aisu only accentuates this by licking her lips and biting her tongue. 

Click Click Boom

Aisu looks like she’s ready to hit the town in a tight black dress that has circles cut down the front – showing off her cleavage and bare chest. She’s holding up a white thong and bangs it against her crotch to the sound of gunshots. She looks erotically at the camera and smiles just as the gun bangs and she slams the thong into her cha-cha. 

Pouts And Papayas

In a yellow tank top Aisu is very close to the camera so we can see her large papayas in all their glory. She’s got on dark make-up and her large juicy lips are painted beige. She poses and pouts at the camera and then pushes her arm up against her chest so her one boob rises. Yeowza!