Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Ella Cervetto

Model Ella Cervetto has some new fashion-inspired posts where she tries on a winter outfit, lets her boyfriend style her hair and poses in a stunning gown from a recent wedding.  

Winter Looks

In a quick video compilation, Ella shows off a cozy layered outfit that is sure to keep her warm. She starts off in a grey dress which she takes off and exchanges for long white tights and a matching long undershirt. From there she adds a fuzzy coat, long socks, shoes, ear muffs and a purse. She poses with her one hand up as she looks stylish but suited up. She captions the video, ‘already planning snow outfits.’ 

Date Night 

Sitting in a chair wearing a beautiful fitted floral dress, text overtop of the video reads, ‘boyfriend does my hair for date night.’ We can see Ella’s boyfriend behind her as he then steps forward and sprays some hairspray on her hair. He then brushes it out and uses a 3-piece curling iron. While it doesn’t look too bad at the end of the video, Ella makes ouch faces throughout it, making us think that he wasn’t very gentle! 

Wedding Vibes

Ella Cervetto

Ella looks absolutely breathtaking in a long white dress with dark blue flowers on it. The top is strapless and fitted whereas the bottom loosely flows out. The dress has a slit in it and Ella sticks her leg out – showing off her green high heels. She captions the photo ‘celebrating mr & mrs Jeanes.’ She also lets fans know that her dress comes from Hills Dress Hire.