Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Ella Cervetto

Ella Cervetto is a model who is currently hanging out in Bali. While she’s often uploading videos on her latest fashion picks, we also get to see a lot of yummy bikini looks. 

Sailing Slammers 

In a video captioned ‘Afternoon well spent,’ Ella is seen standing on the side of a sailboat in a white bathing suit. She’s got a towel around her head and hips but we can still see her bikini bottoms hiked up over her hips. She looks off to the side and adjusts her top. Her generous chest is pushed up and looks soft and plump as she poses. Someone commented on the video ‘imagine if she had an OnlyFans account,’ and we couldn’t agree more! 

White One-Piece 

Wearing baggy white pants with a white one-piece that goes off of one shoulder and around the opposite hip, Ella is standing in front of the camera adjusting her look. Her cheeks are rosy, she’s got sunglasses on her head and she looks street hip. Her girls are very round and we can see the top of one boob and the bottom of the other one. She then turns sideways to show off her sexy bum. We also get to see her boobs bounce as she walks!

I Just Killed My Ex

Ella’s in a white skirt with a tight flowery corset. She’s practically bursting out of the corset and it makes her ta-tas look massive. Her hips also seem very small and her thighs extra wide – yum! She’s lip-syncing to a song and sings ‘I just killed my ex,’ and lifts up an ice pick! Watch out guys!