Sun. May 28th, 2023
Victoria Valentina

Victoria Valentina has some new uploads where she shares some behind the scenes clips from a few photoshoots as well as a little video of dancing at home. Check her out:


Wearing unbuttoned jeans and a tiny crop top that plunges in the front, showing off her tanned chest, Victoria starts the video off by bumping her fist on her thighs and then turning around. She then puts her hands on her head and rotates her booty in delicious circles before turning back around where she then claps her hands up. Then she slowly dancing until she’s sideways where she grinds back and forth. Great moves! 


Sharing some recent photoshoot footage, Victoria is all dressed up – wearing beige pants and a loose white blouse. She’s got on some cute strappy high heels, big hoop earrings and her hair is curled. The clip switches between a few images of her posing on a stool, sitting and posing with her legs open and a close up of her face. We love to see her working and in action – well done!

Walk On Over Here

Victoria’s at the beach wearing an orange and pink bikini. We first see her slowly walking toward us, showing off her curves. From there we see her in the ocean where she walks toward us again and then she’s on the beach! This time she throws her hands up and has some fun with it. The last clip is a bit longer where she walks deeper into the ocean and then poses and shows off her booty. We can see the cameraman clicking away making sure they don’t miss a thing.