Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Morgan Presley Sylvester

Proud cowgirl Morgan Presley Sylvester lives in Indiana and loves everything country! In some new posts, she shows off her country style, her outdoor life and lets us know how she likes her men. Let’s dive in:

Country Look

Hanging out in her kitchen, Morgan’s dressed up in a sparkling black mini skirt with a matching top. She’s lip-syncing to some country music while wearing long white boots that go up past her knees. She’s holding a drink in one hand, and while she doesn’t exactly sync up with the music we still love her style!

Country Life

Wearing red cowboy boots, jean shorts and a black t-shirt, Morgan creates a video compilation of her country life. What she does in each photo syncs up to what’s being said in the song. The first photo is of her hopping up on a wood gate inside of a barn. Her hair is blowing in the wind and her legs look fab! The next one is of her Ford truck, followed by a bunch of photos of her holding fish. In the last photo she’s got a mug in her hand and is chillin at a bar. Country life is the best life!

Be Right There

Shaking a coke cola bottle in a koozie, Morgan’s sitting in her car all bundled up and and smacking her lips in sync with a voiceover. She’s looking around like she’s intrigued. The text over the video reads ‘Girl, there’s literally just guys wearing the same giant hats and jeans over their boots here it’s so boring.’ Her caption reads ‘“okay I’ll be there in 5”