Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Naomi Herrera is dancing again! In a series of new uploads, the twerking beauty from Colombia shows off her best moves – up close and personal.  Naomi has 44.1K Instagram followers and a whopping 966.5K TikTok followers. 

Twerking To Tunes

While looking at the camera, Naomi smiles and pouts as she kneels on a bed with her knees parted. She slowly twerks back and forth and then moves up and down in circular motions. The entire time she engages with the camera and gives off some seriously flirtatious vibes.

Naomi Herrera’s Booty Shake 

In this next clip, wearing nothing but a bikini, Naomi has her booty facing the camera when she starts to dance and jiggle it around. This video is all booty, and you only see Naomi’s profile for a few seconds at the beginning and the end. 

“This Is A Stress Toy”

Adding humor to her video, Namoi wears a flower-string bikini while squeezing her squeak toys and then lip-syncs ‘This is a stress toy. Anytime you feel the urge to cause chaos, just squeeze!” She ends the video with a little butt wiggle!