Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Naomi Herrera

Naomi Herrera is entertaining her fans once again as she erotically plays around in a schoolgirl outfit. The Colombian sensation is a fan favorite as she plays hard and wants to please her followers. 

Bed Twerks 

The video starts off strong with Naomi squatting on her bed twerking. She’s twerking at a vigorous speed while looking back at the camera. She’s wearing a plaid skirt and a white top and looks like a naughty schoolgirl. As she twerks we see glimpses of her hot pink thong. 

Ready To Play

Still in her bedroom and still wearing her schoolgirl outfit (which really shows off her big boobs), Naomi looks lustfully at the camera while she models her outfit and bites her lips. She leans forward so fans can get a good glimpse of her ta-tas before turning around and twerking. Again we get a peek at her thong- hubba hubba! 

Straddling A Pillow

This last video is the naughtiest of them all as Namoi is seen on her bed straddling a pillow. She slowly moves back and forth and looks mid-orgasm as she rides it hard. She licks her lips and rubs her hands up her body before leaning forward and twerking.