Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Natalie Roser bikini

Natalie Roser played Russian roulette with Instagram’s no-nudity policy in one share – joke’s on IG, since she both stunned in the nude and stayed inside the rules!

Fabulous And Free In The Nude

The bikini bombshell, businesswoman, and social media star thrilled her fanbase as she enjoyed a freeing stretch from a lush location. Surrounded by bamboo and greenery as she posed from a balcony, the 2XU ambassador showed off her sensational figure, also gaining over 42,000 likes.

Nips Out, But Also Not

The photo showed Natalie smiling and looking to the side as she posed from a gorgeous bamboo balcony and near curved stone structures. She had completely ditched her clothes in favor of the birthday suit look – Natalie did, however, stay safe as she added digitally-inserted green leaves over her nipples. Showing off her rock-hard abs, chest, and hints of her curvy hips, the bikini bombshell also kept safe down below with a silky green cloth. Tagging Series Mag, she wrote: “Repost,” adding that she was in “Bali heaven.”

Want Her Body?

The Aussie model has both men and women curious as to how she achieves her super-fit figure. “I do a lot of different things, I don’t like to stick to one type of exercise because this way my body responds better and doesn’t get used to just running or just a Pilates class,” she told Glamour, adding: ” On a more relaxed day or one where I don’t want to think too hard about what I want to do, I like running on the treadmill or running outside and then I do a reformer Pilates class where I get in, get it done and tick all the boxes.”

Running Her Own Brand

Natalie, 32, continues to influence for brands on social media, but she’s also running her own Rose and Bare one.