Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Lali Rabbits loves dancing around and playing naughty. In a series of new uploads fans can see her rocking a lace top, dressed up as a schoolgirl and recently showered. Let’s check her out!

Everyone Wants To Date Me Until…

Wearing a black and beige lingerie top, Lali stands in front of the camera with her hands covering her face. She bobs from side to side to the music while the text on the video (translated) says ‘everyone wants to go out with me until….’ She then removes her hands, revealing her long black hair and sexy face and the text now reads ‘they find out what my job is.’ The video is cute and we’re sure that’s not true, we love you for what you do!

How Old Is Lali?

Sitting on her bed wearing a schoolgirl green skirt, white tank top and fish nets, Lali has her hair half up as she bites her lips and looks off to the side while the text reads ‘everyone thinks I’m 20 years old,’ the following text reads ‘but actually I’m about to turn 50.’ She then smiles and innocently shrugs. 

Fresh Out Of The Shower

Wearing a light blue causal dress, that fits her like a glove, Lali is sitting on her bed with wet hair and her lips painted pink. She then swings her legs up as the music says ‘wonder you will have to answer to the children of the sky’ and she nods in agreement. Her shower must have been cold because she looks a little chilly!