Sun. May 28th, 2023
Nayara Rios

Brazilian influencer Nayara Rios loves to dance. She’s gained a fan following of nearly 1.3M TikTokers. If you’re not keeping up with her latest posts already, check her out:

Brazilian Beats 

Nayara is standing in front of a palm tree wearing a mint green bikini. Her long hair is down and it looks like she doesn’t have any makeup on. She smiles big and does a little choreographed dance where she moves her hips and hands. Near the end she turns around and shows us her tushie as she continues her dance.

Blonde Locks

Nayara Rios

Feeling a bit of change, Nayara dyed her hair platinum blonde! It really changes her look and gives her a lot of edge. In the photo she’s outside in beige undies and a jean strapless top. Her bottoms ride high and we can see her tan lines from her bikini.

Blast From The Past

Nayara shares an old video of herself on IG where she’s wearing a goldish beige bikini with a matching wrap. It looks like she’s in a hotel room as she dances around and smiles. Then she turns and shakes her booty – looking back at us with a more serious look on her face. Hubba, hubba!