Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Nayara Rios

Nayara Rios is from Brazil and has a loyal fan following of 1.3M TikTokers. She’s had over 11M likes on her videos, and mostly uploads dancing clips where she’s wearing little to nothing. Let’s check her out: 

Beach Dances

Hanging out on the beach, Nayara is wearing a promiscuous black leather top that ties up and has a lot of little frays hanging from it. She’s got on teeny black bottom and smiles at the camera before jumping into a dance. She moves her hands back and forth and around her body as she shakes and flirts with the camera. She looks happy and giddy. 

Tushie Tattoo 

Wearing a fancy cream bikini with silver studs on it, Nayara keeps eye contact with the camera as she dances. She’s got on puffy sleeves and looks erotica as she moves. Her bottoms are hiked high up her thighs, exposing her deep tan lines. Near the end of the video she turns around and sways her butt back and forth giving us a full view of her cheeks and booty tat. 

Beach Booty 

Wearing the same leather tie-up top and black bottoms as the first video, Nayara’s on the beach and runs toward the camera (giving us an eyeful of her moving lemons). She then starts dancing while smiling wide before giving us a full body spin.