Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Jillian Ann

NFL Cheerleader Jillian Ann shares a new video of her on the Jumbotron, along with a bikini photo and a throwback to the Super Bowl. Let’s check her out:


Captioning the video ‘missing Sundays on Jumbotron,’ we see Jillian in her cheerleading outfit on the football field. She’s dancing and being featured on the Jumbotron as she flips her orange hair, shakes and smiles. She looks like she’s having a lot of fun!

Boat Day 

Jillian Ann

Wearing a purple bikini that makes her orange hair stand out, Jillian is on a boat with her head to the side smiling big. One hand is brushing through her hair and her eyes are closed as she takes in the day.

Super Bowl Throwback 

In a Super Bowl throwback we see Jillian in her cheerleading outfit with some of her other cheerleading friends as they perform on stage to the song ‘you shook me all night long.’ Jillian is center stage and looks great as she spins and dances in her white cowboy boots.