Sun. May 28th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

The LSU gymnast and social media influencer,  Olivia Dunne is sharing some footage of herself on meet day. From locker room warm-ups to cheering on other teammates, we can’t get enough of this blonde bombshell.

Locker Room Activities 

Wearing grey tights and a matching top, Olivia is sitting on the locker room carpet. She quickly pivots into the splits before lifting herself up with her hands and bringing her legs up into the air so she’s doing a handstand. Then, staying in her handstand, she quickly opens her legs again – putting them back into the splits – before coming back down and smiling at the camera. Not only does she have so much strength to move herself around like this, but she makes it look effortless as she barely breaks a sweat. 

My First TikTok

Wearing round oversized glasses with the front of her hair pulled back in two braids, Olivia lip-syncs to audio saying ‘my first TikTok was a lip-sync and it was like you’re a nice guy, I’ll think about it maybe.’ She then brings the camera close to her face and when she brings it back out she’s all dressed up in her gymnastics leotards with makeup on (glasses off) as she lips ‘oh baby,’ nods her head and says ‘here we go.’ She captions the video ‘SEC championships day.’

In The Zone 

Standing on the gymnastics mat, with a crowd visible behind her, we see Olivia at a meet and she’s cheering on another team member. Her mouth is wide open and we can feel the excitement and intensity as she cheers. The video then cuts to several other photos of Olivia at meets – intensely cheering. She captions the video ‘1-800 if you need a hype man,’ and we love her ability to make fun of herself!