Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Gymnastic Olivia Dunne has some new uploads where she’s posing in New York, tuning herself out and letting fans know her relationship status. Let’s dive in: 

New York Pups

Olivia Dunne

Posing on a New York sidewalk, Olivia’s got on oversized sunglasses, black tights and a black tank top. She’s kneeling on the sidewalk looking up at the camera – and lucky for us, this gives us an amazing angle of her snuggle pups. It doesn’t matter if she’s dressed for warmth – her girls still make a large appearance as she captions the photo ‘back for a bagel!’ 

Tuning Out

Lying down on her carpet in a black top (which showcases her lovely ladies) a voiceover says ‘That’s a really good idea Kelly.’ Olivia looks off to the side and says ‘what did I say?’ The clip then changes to her sitting in front of the camera – where we can see her boobs pushed up – as she responds, ‘I talk a lot, so I’ve learned to just tune myself out.’ 

Who’s Olivia’s Boyfriend?

In this cute upload, Olivia teases her fans she she stands sideways in short tights and a sweater. Her rump looks amazing and super bootylicious while her legs look strong and toned. The text overtop of the video reads ‘BF reveal.’ She smiles at the camera, puts her arms out like she’s about to embrace someone but instead does a complete spin and hops off screen. The point? She’s single!