Sun. May 28th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Gymnastic Olivia Dunne has 7.4M TikTok fans and nearly half of that on Instagram. While she loves to dance and show off her amazing gymnastic skills, fans love her perky personality. Let’s check her out: 

Happy Dance 

Olivia Dunne dances around in her leotard with her hair up in a bun. The video is slightly sped up and the song in the background says ‘happy, happy, happy.’ The text reads ‘me after not falling on my head in front of 13,000 people!’ We’re happy you didn’t fall too, Olivia!

Pick Me 

In a funny sketch, we see Olivia wearing a jacket and she’s hanging from a hanger in a closer. She mouths to the audio ‘so pick me, choose me, love me.’ Right after someone pushes her face into the closet and the video ends – we’re guessing she didn’t get chosen?!

Come With Me

The last video starts off with Olivia telling her fans to come with her as she gets ready for a busy day. First, she has practice so she walks us through which concealers she uses and why. We then see her doing a backflip before she moves on to the powder she uses to touch herself up after practice. After that she does some school work followed by food with friends. It sounds like a fun day!