Sun. May 28th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Gymnast and social media influencer, Olivia Dunne has some new TikTok videos that share content from her latest competition, a work out clip, and a popular trending effect that lets us see what she’d look like as a guy. Let’s jump in:

In Action

In this photo compilation video we see Olivia is dressed in her leotard and her hair in a bun. The photos are different action shots from the recent NCAA championships. We see her posing and getting ready, as well as a shot mid air as she balances with her legs held high above her. Impressive! 

Working Out 

Wearing grey shorts and a cute white sports bra with slits in the back, Olivia jumps rope as the video text reads “Take my advice, do it for yourself.” When she’s done jumping she looks at the camera, sticks her tongue out and flexes her arm. 

From Girl To Boy

Following a recent TikTok trend, the video starts off with a picture of Olivia grinning and looking off to the side. When the filter crosses the screen starting slowly from the left to the right, it changes the image of her from her beautiful self to a good looking boy with a shaved head. The text on the photo says ‘Saturdays are for boys,’ and she captions it ‘honestly, I wish I could unsee this!’