Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Olivia Dunne


Olivia Dunne, popular LSU gymnast has taken to TikTok once again since her injury. This time in a cute and flirty clip revealing her submissive side! Let’s take a look at some more of Livvy’s cutest and sexiest posts.


“Forbidden Pants”

She might not be able to compete for the next couple weeks, but she has kept us busy with her TikTok!

The 20 year old looked jaw dropping in thigh skimming flare leggings while doing the splits in a recent clip and her fans couldn’t get enough! Many referred to her pants as the “forbidden pants.”

“Not the forbidden pants 😭😭😭” said one fan

“The forbidden pants are immaculate” said another

Lip Sync and a Tease

Livvy loves to do transtion videos that go from innocent to POW. Rocking her LSU pullover, she innocently looks at the camera with a cute smile and she lip syncs a Weeknd song for her fans. Watch what she shocks us with next!

She jokingly captions “not my dawgs creepin at the end” referring to her toes making an appearance at the end.

In which one fan replies “I’d risk it all for them dawgs.”

This next one got the best reaction “NEVER SCREEN SHOTTED SO FAST” said a huge fan!

Playful Twerk

Showing off her perfect form, Livvy seems to get ready for a flip, but wait until you see what she does here next!

This isn’t the first time the blonde beauty took us for a spin! We love her playful side, even on the mat.

We get the hype surrounding Olivia Dunne. Shes young, beautiful, athletic , relatable, and she has a huge career ahead of her! We are so excited to see her getting back on that mat and showing her amazing moves.