Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne, the LSU gymnast and social media star from Westwood, New Jersey has recently jumped on some TikTok trends – making cute videos to popular voiceovers. While she has a fun, girl-next-door vibe, Olivia is incredibly strong and knows how to handle the spotlight. 

Oh Mickey You’re So Fine

In the first video, Olivia is wearing gray tight shorts and a matching top. She’s doing the splits which amplify her bubble butt. To the popular TikTok track ‘Oh Mickey You’re So Fine,” Olivia lifts herself up with her arms and slides her feet together before spreading them open and slowly transitioning upwards into a handstand. We can see her strength, and busty chest, as she then transitions back into the splits. So impressive!

Dancing Duo 

In the second video, Olivia dances alongside a friend in gymnastic leotards. They have a pre-planned synchronized dance that’s trending on TikTok where they shake sideways and then jump up and down while waving their hands around. They’ve sped up the video making it really fun to watch, not to mention they are amazingly fit and their leotards show off their amazing legs and bosoms. 

Obsessed With You

In the third video, Olivia is wearing a blue tank top that her perky chest is pushed up in. Her hair is down and she mouths ‘me – obsessed with you,’ to a voiceover and then continues ‘Yes, Yes I am.” That about sums up our relation with her and drop-dead gorgeous features.