Sun. May 28th, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Gymnast Olivia Dunne enhances our week with a new gymnastics photo and two lip-syncing videos. Let’s check her out:

Act Natural 

Olivia Dunne

In an excellent photo that was taken mid performance, we can see Olivia in her leotard almost in an elevated push up stand. With two hands on the mat in front of her, and only one leg on the mat behind her, her other leg is stretched up high in the air and bent over her head! She’s looking forward and smiling. She captions it ‘act natural.’ She looks extremely fit and toned and really does make the position look quite natural!

Beige Corset

Wearing a beige corset that ties up the front, Olivia holds the camera above her as she lip-syncs to ‘wild thots.’ She’s got on her clear oversized glasses and looks cute and sexy as she plays around.

Beat That Boy With A Bat

Pre-performance, Olivia and a teammate record themselves all ready for their meet – hair pulled up, makeup and leotards on – and do a little choreographed dance. They shake their hips, twirl and match their moves to the song ‘beat that boy with a bat.’