Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne, the social media gymnast from Westwood, New Jersey, shares a fun playful new video (that already has 284K likes!) along with some footage from her meets. 

For You 

Wearing oversized glasses and a tank top, Olivia is close to the camera (we can only see the lower part of her face, not even her eyes), as she lips ‘ha ha ha ha’ to a voiceover. The camera then pans out so we see all of Olivia as she points at us and puff she’s wearing a black corset top that outlines everything! She’s got makeup on and looks like she’s ready to hit the town as she lip-syncs to the song playing. She captions the video ‘hahaha #foryou.’ 

A Day In The Life

In a series of photos that Olivia clips together in a video, she shows fans a little insight into her competition life. The first photo is of Olivia in bed, giving a thumbs up, followed by a coffee shot in her car and then a selfie of herself and some of the other gymnasts at the arena. The next photo Olivia’s wearing tights and a sweatshirt – matching with a friend – as they pose wth a giant tiger. From there, Olivia’s in the bathroom and is getting ready – followed by a few warm up selfies. The next (and best photo) is of her mid swing – she looks so badass! And the last few clips are of her cheering and posing after the meet. Well done and thanks for sharing! 

Meet Day Moves

Facing away from the camera wearing gymnastic gear and a sweater, Olivia spins around and starts lip-syncing to the song playing. She doesn’t stop there though – as she throws down some serious dances moves. The clip then cuts to one of her friends singing the next part of the song, followed by another gymnast singing another part. She captions the clip ‘Meet Day Moves,’ and uses the hashtag #foryou!