Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Omnivorous Adam

Omnivorous Adam is a chef who thinks that food and cooking should be fun! He has a YouTube channel and 17 million likes on his quick TikTok tutorials. Let’s check out his latest dishes: 

Roasted Nuts

The clip starts off showing delicious roasted nuts as Adam tells us he’s going to show us how to make the best spicy nuts to “pair with beer, or apple juice, or whatever you like to drink.” He then piles all the ingredients in a bowl and says the secret is the zest lemon. He roasts them and pours them into a bowl and drinks it down with soda. 

Football Shaped Matzo Balls

In this next video Omnivorous Adam shows us how to make Matzo balls in the shape of footballs. He uses two spoons to shape and mold them before frying them. He finished the dish by putting them in a bowl with oils, some spices and a bit of green on top. He cuts into them and the outside is crunchy while the inside is smooth – delicious! “Now them some balls!”, he says.

Pho Soup

Adam takes us on a tour of one of his favorite restaurants, Phodega, as they teach him how to make pho soup; a famous Vietnamese dish. The clip then shows the prep for the soup and then the soup boiling as Adam talks about the restaurant owners. He says he’s gonna save all the nitty-gritty details for the full-length video on his YouTube channel.