Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Mila Sobolov

Mila Sobolov has racked up over 1.9M likes on her TikTok content, and is known for her yoga and stretching videos on Instagram. Her long, toned body and perky personality makes it easy for fans to feel very connected to this social influencer. 

Bouncing Is Her Talent

In this video share Mila uses the caption, “and you guys say i have no talent 😮‍💨😮‍💨.” Apparently her talent is bouncing! She’s sporting long blonde braids, and you can see her lacy red bra popping out of her top. She looks around the room with her wide eyes, and bouncing her chest feverishly to the beat. 

Toned And Topless

Mila Sobolov

Mila shares this picture on her Instagram account proudly showing off her killer back muscles, although she seems surprised that it’s so toned! “Idk why my back looks RIPPED here but hey lol 😤😤💪🏼” she stated in her caption. Mila is topless in the pic posing on her couch giving everyone a great view of her back, however I don’t think it’s her back that fans are watching…Her butt is also proudly on display and extremely visible thanks to the dark green thong bikini bottom she’s chosen to wear.

Mila’s Downward Dog Is HOT

Next up we see Mila showing off some of her yoga skills! We see her poolside in this video working on her downward dog. She stretches her lean physique back and forth for the camera before sticking her booty towards the sky. A pale green bikini bottom barely covers her bottom and all we can focus on are those toned cheeks!

Lean Mean Non-Swimming Machine

Mila Sobolov

Mila’s long, lean figure is super sexy in this barely there hot pink bikini! She posted this pic poolside saying that she needs someone to teach her how to swim! Her fans all quickly responded offering their expertise and compliments:

Can I teach you?”

“I volunteer 🤚”

“I don’t think I’d ever leave that spot.”

“I’m stunned 🔥”

Also, if anyone is interested, Mila has an OnlyFans account with over 1k posts of exclusive content!