Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Mila Sobolov

OnlyFans face Mila Sobolov definitely gave something for her fans to talk about as she posed with a banana down her top in a recent TikTok share.

The Pornhub star, who made June 2022 headlines for calling out a fan who claimed she “looked familiar” but couldn’t put their finger on it, is now enjoying a fast rise in popularity thanks to the video-based platform. Mila posted five days ago and in a skimpy and neutral-accent sports bra, this as she got fruity and boldly placed a banana down her top.

She’s Going Bananas

Footage showed the blonde beauty flaunting her slender figure and curves while indoors and in a strappy and brown bralette top. She added in multicolor and cozy pastel sweatpants while drawing attention to her abs – fans were likely watching her peeling a banana, though.

Replying to @Andy Parsons678 eat your fruits and veggies!

♬ Spin Back X Collide Mashup – Kuya Magik


While footage kicked off with the banana inside the bralette, Mila eventually chomped away at it before sending fans a big grin. Also wearing tan eyeshadow and a light face of makeup, Mila wrote: “Replying to @Andy Parsons678 eat your fruits and veggies!”


Knows A Shade

Meanwhile, last year, Mila made headlines for calling out that fan and she made The Daily Star‘s headlines for it.

“Wait, I’ve seen you somewhere but I can’t remember where,” fan George wrote.

Replying to @Nali Packer us zoomers right 😮‍💨 smh #fyp

♬ Spin Back X Collide Mashup – Kuya Magik


It’s ‘The Hub’

“Let’s try and find out where George might’ve seen me. It wasn’t on Netflix. It wasn’t on the Discovery Channel. It wasn’t on the morning news. The answer…,” Mila finished that with a piece of paper with The Hub written on it. Over 500,000 views were clocked. Mila is also active on OnlyFans, frequented by stars including rapper Cardi B and reality face Larsa Pippen.