Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Emily Bright bikini

With 1.4M followers on TikTok, influencer Emily Bright is wowing fans with her new chesty content! Check out her amazing yellow bikini as she visits her hometown, carting herself around in her mom’s van!

Emily’s Yellow Bikini

Here we see Emily spilling out of her yellow bikini top! She’s carrying quite the chest luggage in this video! With her hair up in a clip, she lip syncs to Doja Cat in the most adorable way. Her makeup is on point and we loving seeing a little bit of mom’s van in the background. That skylight is DOPE!

Emily Says “You’re Not Going To Get It”

Here we see Emily again in the same striking outfit. Her blue jacket is covering a little more of her in the clip, but we still get a great view of her gorgeous cleavage. She starts outside of mom’s van, but jumps inside to let fans know that “they’re not going to get it!”

Yellow Bikinis And Blue Skies!

Last up we see the beautiful Emily Bright, shining like the star she is! She’s lip syncing again, from mom’s van!, but this time she sticks her head out and tilts the camera to reveal the breathtaking blue sky behind her! Her brown hair and tiny braid are blowing in the wind, as she sings her heart out. We love you, Emily!