Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Vero Buffone

Brazilian entertainer Vero Buffone is back with more tantalizing videos for fans! The OnlyFans beauty, who is currently offering a discount on her exclusive adult content, has been busy on her other social media platforms as well. Check of these TikTok fan favorites!

Vero Buffone Scrubs Her Rims On All Fours

@verymilf♬ Aves Cantando Parte 6 – Sonidos de Pajaros

This first video of Vero is one of her more recent posts on TikTok.  Posing down on all fours while washing her wheels, Vero delights viewers in her barely there leopard print thong bikini.  Fans are left wondering how much she might charge them to get their personal automobiles detailed.

Vero Buffone Shows Off More Than Her Backside

@verymilf #pppppppppppppppp #verobuffone ♬ Sweet Dreams – Trinix

Vero doesn’t always post content of her amazing rear.  There are many instances where she can be seen shaking and wiggling her front side as well.  Shaking her rack side to side in slow motion, she looks downward towards her chest action as if to admire herself in this video.

Vero Buffone Shares Her Rear View Pool Exit

@verymilf♬ La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – My Life Is Going On – Main Theme – Geek Music

This slow-motion video has over 15M views and for good reason!  Climbing out of the pool on all fours, Vero once again titillates fans with a rear view shot of her amazing backside.  Her yellow thong string bikini appears painted on as she slowly stands giving us one last slight jiggle of her buttocks.

Vero Buffone Twerks Her Soap Sud Backside Doggy Style

@verymilf #viral #fakebody ♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) – Fort Minor

Vero is obviously not steering away from her sexy side in this video.  Wearing a red thong bikini, she rises up out of the soap sud filled water and starts to twerk her perfect cheeks.  Comments from fans make it clear that she is delivering exactly what her fans want to see.

“wow!!! that slow motion is super amazing!!!! thank you 😊 💓 ☺️💗 💛 💖”

“Dinner is served..🥰🥰”

“Make some tsunami waves…..”