Sun. May 28th, 2023
Paige Spiranac

Golf girl Paige Spiranac isn’t all about golfing – she’s into all sports and in some recent videos she talks in depth about basketball teams and march madness. Let’s check her out:

March Muffins

Wearing a skirt and a black bikini top that crisscrosses around her neck, Paige is bearing it all as she tells us that every time there’s a sporting event she tries to find a shirt to match the team that’s playing – however – march madness was a bit more difficult since the teams switch out more often. She then says she tried and we soon find out that her shirts are just bikinis or small busty tank tops with the team’s logo sewn on. The video is fun, cute and informative as she talks about each team’s performance. Our fav is the second last one! 

You’re Super Smart

Wearing a tight snakeskin tank top that pops up her coconuts, Paige poses and smiles at us while a voiceover says, ‘oh wow, like you’re actually like – I mean your tees are huge but you’re super smart.’ As he mentions her coconuts, she glances down before grinning back up at us. 

Fore 101

Speaking to her lady fans, Paige says that if your guy likes golf and you don’t, then rest assured she can help. She then lists all the golf tournaments and gives details on each one. She looks great in her snakeskin tank top with her wavy hair pushed off her face. She tops the video off giving some golf conversation starters.