Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is a golf instructor who offers full-on, comprehensive digital courses. While she takes the game seriously, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and we love her funny, sexy videos that are jam-packed with tips. 

Paige Spiranac: Only In Australia!

Wearing a white flowered golf dress, Paige is down under sending balls flying in Australia. The video starts with her smiling at the camera before spinning around and lining up her shot. Just in front of her there are a group of kangaroos! She swings, sending the ball flying, before opening her mouth and shrieking at the camera. 

Paige Spiranac Gives Draw Tips

Wearing a grey one-piece jumpsuit, Paige has her club in hand and stands in front of an artificial green. She tells fans that she’s going to show them how to hit a draw. The camera then does a close up of her ready to swing the ball and slowly pans down – pausing a second long on her chest. Then the tips roll in – close the club face – close stance – close shoulders – swing away. She then swings herself and walks away to pose. 

What Dress Code?

Wearing a grey skirt and a white tank top, Paige walks toward us and flips her hair back. The text overlaying the video reads, ‘When I don’t wear a golf polo.’ She then spins around, and since the video is shot in slow motion, we get to see an excellent view of her entire figure. She smiles at the end – knowing just how good she looks. She captions the video ‘what dress code?’