Sun. May 28th, 2023
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac has a new video where she shares some tips that help her improve her golfing, along with a post where she answers some common questions. Let’s check out her latest stuff:

Come Practice With Me

In a new tutorial video, Paige wears white shoes, black pants and a tight purple top as she tells fans to come practice with her. She starts off by telling us what she struggles with and then tells  us what drills she likes to help her improve that. She tells us her takeaway can be a little all over the place so she loves the push away drill. If you’re not a golfer this video might be a bit over your head but don’t worry it’s still impressive and fun to watch her as she leans over and demonstrates each drill.


Paige Spiranac

In a new IG post, Paige has her hair curled and make up done as she smiles at us with her eyes. She’s wearing a white crochet tank top that pushes her breasts really close together. She captions the photo by answering some common FAQs she always gets. Here they are:

-I’m a scratch golfer and my lowest round is 63

-I switched to media work after I mentally couldn’t handle the pressure of pro golf

-They are real and spectacular

-Yes I know what I’m doing and own it!

-My favorite color is pink, favorite flower is a sunflower and I’m 5’8”

Thanks for sharing Paige!

The Best Looking Golfer

Paige Spiranac

With the wind blowing her hair, Paige is wearing a white skirt and a black top with a plunging white neckline. Her shirt has a zipper but it looks like the zipper doesn’t zip over her incredible assets – not that we’re complaining. She tucks her hair behind one ear and looks genuinely happy as she stands on the golf course.