Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen

Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen is a brunette babe who loves to hang out in bikinis and bras and dance around. She’s also a proud Fashion Nova ambassador. Here’s a roundup of some of her recent posts: 

What Color Was The Dog?

Lip-syncing to the song ‘pretty boy flow,’ Paige is hanging out in the backyard. She’s sitting on a white towel wearing a small black bikini. The top is held together with gold clasps and the shoulder straps and bottom string are also gold hoops. She’s wearing a black hat and her lips, face and whole vibe is on fire. She looks sexy but relaxed. Her little dog comes to visit halfway through the video and she captions it ‘What color was the dog’ because let’s be serious – she knows what we’re all looking at!

Paige Uncaged Is Drop Dead Gorgeous 

Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen

In this ad for Fashion Nova, Paige models black lingerie that looks like a corset paired with black leather sleeves. Her luscious lips look extra plump as she has one hand over her head and stands up against a wall. Some of her bangs fall in front of her face as she seductively looks at us. The corset zips up the middle and looks like it has a hard time fitting over her chest. 

Paige Uncaged Rocks Tight Jeans

In another clip for Fashion Nova, Paige has her behind facing the camera and she’s got on tight light blue jeans. She sways her booty from side to side and captions the video ‘Jeans from Fashion Nova.’ They look great – like they’ve been painted on!