Sun. May 28th, 2023
Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen

Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen is still on vacation and continues to upload beautiful clips of her enjoying the warm weather. Lets check out her latest bikinis to brighten your day: 

Cooling Off

Paige has on sunglasses and a tight black swimsuit. As she slowly steps back, deeper into the pool she goes. She then tips her head back so her hair goes into the pool without wetting her face and comes back up. Everything about the video is gorgeous – from her lips to the tropical background to her wet bathing suit.

The Tropics 

Paige ‘Uncaged’ Woolen

Starring sensually at the camera, Paige is wearing a tropical bikini with fruit and frills on it. She’s holding the string of her bottoms and has her head slightly tilted. Her lips and melons looks juicy and playful. 

Red Bikini 

Standing in front of a bunch of tropical plants, Paige has a red string bikini on. She slightly hops back before posing and running her hand through her hair. The red bikini makes her dyed hair stand out and we predict it’s not the best bikini for swimming because it looks like it might slip right off!