Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Pía Sweet

Pia Sweet is spicy too! In a new series of uploads, she invites fans to sunbathe with her, have a massage and dance around in bed. This good girl gone bad is not only known on TikTok and Instagram but has a spicy OnlyFans account as well.  

Sun & Buns

The video starts off with Pia wearing a leopard print bathing suit – standing behind an empty glass of water. She starts pouring water into the glass as text on the video says ‘Sunbath with me? Always water to hydrate.’ She pours slowly so we can check out her amazing rack and strong body. She cheers’s the camera and then the video cuts to her on a lounge chair (with her knees open) taking a sip of water. She adjusts slightly so that we can see her booty which is tanned, toned and peachy! Hubba hubba. 

Massage Together

Wearing white tights and a matching sports bra, Pia shows off her toned body as she parades around a massage bed, captioning her video ‘Should we have a massage together?” First, she lies down on the bed, then she lies on her stomach – showing off her tight booty (even lifting it up a bit), before she smiles and throws a towel in our face!

Morning Undies

Sitting on her knees on her bed, Pia’s wearing cute sport undies and a cropped sweater that shows off her amazing abs. She swings her hips and hands back and forth before jumping and opening her legs. She then slowly swings to one side – very erotically.